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Monday, 29 August 2022

A week-long visit of Russian experts from the WANO Moscow Center ended at Belarusian NPP

Written by Department of information and public relations

Representatives of the WANO Moscow Center (WANO - MC) conducted a technical support mission at Belarusian nuclear power plant.

During the mission, the effective functioning of the system of analysis and use of operating experience; the process of communication, distribution of responsibilities and powers of participants in the operating experience analysis system and other issues related to NPP operating experience were considered.

“Operating experience is one of the most important topics in WANO's activity. After all, initially we were conceived as an organization that would exchange operating experience between nuclear power plants. This makes us to assess the path we are following and implement measures that will correct this path for the better,” said Ivan Goncharov, WANO MC Coordinator, following the results of the mission.

“Belarusian NPP employs very qualified, hardworking and responsive personnel. This contributed to the successful solution of the tasks of the mission and was very motivating,” the expert added.

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