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Experts from the European Commission and the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Expert Group (ENSREG) arrived at the Belarusian NPP site within the framework of the peer review of the National…
Nikolai Karpenko, Leading Engineer of the Reliability and Safety Analysis Department of Belarusian NPP, took part in a briefing by the Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry…
At least 500 nuclear power specialists for will be trained in Belarus in 2021-2025. The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of January 29, 2021 No. 57 on the approval…
The implementation of the National Action Plan following the results of the stress tests of Belarusian NPP will provide additional safety measures, Oleg Sobolev, consultant of the Department for Nuclear…
The first power unit of Belarusian nuclear power plant has generated the first billion kWh of electricity since its inclusion in the unified energy system of the country.
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