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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Read in the latest issue of the Energy Strategy journal

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“Head of State at Belarusian NPP”, “Implementation of modern combined cycle technologies in Belarusian energy sector. How it was...” are the key topics of the fifth issue of the journal. 

The news block covers issues of interaction of power systems in the post-Soviet space, the progress of NPP integration into Belarusian power system, prospects for the development of the gas industry and the peat industry of the republic. The block's materials also reflect the results of the 64th session of the IAEA General Assembly and other significant events in the domestic and world energy sector.

The results of preparing industry organizations for work in autumn and winter conditions are presented in the "Priorities" section. Specialists will be interested in options for optimizing the structure of peak-reserve energy sources, to increase their economic efficiency ("Electric Power Engineering"). Consumers of thermal and electric energy will benefit from materials on what factors affect the ruptures of pipelines of heating networks and what problems may arise during the modernization of the power supply of apartments ("In the notebook of the chief power engineer").

The article, addressed to industrial gas consumers, examines approaches to the maintenance and repair of shut-off devices at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities (“Gas Supply”). The materials of the Personnel Training section are devoted to the introduction of an automated system for assessing the professional compliance of personnel in the gas industry, as well as simulator training of dispatching personnel of the power system.

For a wide range of experts, we publish comments on new industry standards ("Standardization in the energy sector") and a review of new legislative acts in the energy sector for September – October ("Law").

More information about the content of the issue can be found here

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