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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Coming in the latest issue of the journal «Energy Strategy»

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On the first Sunday of September, workers of the oil, gas and fuel industries traditionally celebrate their professional holiday. This issue of the journal opens with the greetings of First Deputy Minister of Energy V. Karankevich and General Director of the State Enterprise "Beltopgas" L. Rudinsky to workers and veterans of the gas and fuel industry of Belarus.

In News section, readers are offered a wide range of information on the development of the fuel and energy complex, including in the field of tariff policy, the introduction of innovative equipment and technologies, international cooperation, peat extraction and processing.

The issues of formation of common energy markets of the EAEU are devoted to the interview of the Director of the Energy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission L. Shents to the information agency BELTA.

World energy news is presented by forecasts of international experts on global trends in the energy sector, the situation in the world gas and oil markets, prospects for energy cooperation between Europe and the United States. 

In Electrical Energy Industry section, you can read the current article on innovative approaches to reducing electricity losses for its transportation in electric networks, as well as a publication on the methodology for determining the initial indicators for analyzing the efficiency of the CCGT operation. 

The author of the article "Innovations and new technical solutions in gas supply" (Gas Supply section) shares the experience of UE "Vitebskoblgaz" in the field of technical re-equipment and improvement of production processes using the trends of the world practice of gas supply networks. 

The employees, responsible for the electric and thermal economy of consumers, read information in The Notebook of the Chief Power Engineer section. In this issue of the journal, energy inspection specialists explain the procedure for issuing opinions on the compliance of the project documentation that is being accepted for operation, safety and operational reliability requirements, and the possibility of commissioning electric and/or heat installations; resemble the requirements of the technical legal acts for the personnel providing the operation of heat plants and consumers' heat networks, and also offer an approach to calculating the conditional fuel overrun on the consumer's heat sources with non-operating automatic control systems.

Science – to energy engineering. Readers are invited to the second part of the material on the definition of cable line resistance, consisting of cables with XLPE insulation. The article gives the results of calculating the resistance of a 10 kV cable line for typical cases. The material that sets out the conceptual provisions of new approaches to assessing the technical condition of energy engineering assets. 

Standardization in energy engineering. This issue publishes comments to a number of new technical legal act, in particular to Amendment No. 2 in the Technical Code Of Common Practice 339-2011, new standards of Belenergo in the field of control and monitoring of metals, industry standards that establish norms and requirements for the organization of operation and maintenance of gas turbine installations, as well as to the new version of the Regulation on Relay Protection and Electroautomatics Services.

Specialists, whose activities are related to the legal aspects of energy, will be interested in materials from the Law section, which provides an overview of new legislative acts that came into force or adopted in July-August.

More information on the contents of Energy Strategy is available here.

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