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Wednesday, 01 June 2022

The sanitary team of Belarusian NPP collected all the "gold" of the regional competitions

Written by Department of information and public relations

Five first places in individual trials and the first team place - this is the result of the performance of the team of Belarusian NPP in the competition of the sanitary teams of Ostrovets district.

The sanitary team of Belarusian NPP has been participating in competitions for five years and only in its first performance turned out to be without awards. All other competitions invariably ended with the victory of the nuclear power plant team.

This year, the sanitary teams competed in five trials: demonstration of service equipment; work in combined lesions; actions in chemical damage and actions in infectious damage.

The leaders had to pass one more trial, where the honor of Belarusian NPP was defended by Maria Paramonova.

And in the leaders trial, and at all other stages, the sanitary team of Belarusian NPP won a landslide victory. As a result - 1st team place!

Congratulations to the team on the victory and we wish you successful performance at the regional competitions!

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