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Wednesday, 06 October 2021

At the second power unit of BelNPP, «hot» testing of the reactor set has been successfully completed

Written by Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus

At the second power unit of Belarusian nuclear power plant, the most important stage of start-up and adjustment - “hot” testing of the reactor set, has been completed. The work was carried out under the conditions of loading the reactor with simulators of fuel assemblies.

During the "hot" testing, about 300 tests of the main and auxiliary equipment and technological systems of the reactor set were carried out, including the reactor itself, steam generators, main circulation pumps, as well as safety, control and protection systems of the reactor.

The tests confirmed the compliance of the equipment and technological systems with the design characteristics.

In accordance with the pre-commissioning program, the next stage will be the revision of the main and auxiliary equipment of the reactor set.

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