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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Mikhail Mikhadyuk: «In Belarus, it is planned to build more than 2 million square meters of e-houses in five years»

Written by Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus

On June 16, 2021, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Mikhadyuk took part in a republican seminar on the integrated development of individual housing construction areas, as well as the construction of residential buildings using electric energy for heating, hot water supply and cooking.

“Over the five-year period, it is planned to commission a little more than 2 million square meters of new housing, which will operate, as we say, on electric power. To ensure this task, the corresponding programs have been worked out with each regional executive committee,” Mikhail Mikhadyuk said.

He informed about the ongoing transfer of the individual housing fund to electricity for heating, water heating and cooking. “Today, having 53 thousand such applications, about 80% have been satisfied, primarily where there is a technical capability and where the networks have been reconstructed. Currently, about 1.7 thousand km of power networks are being reconstructed in the country per year. Starting next year, we plan to increase the volume up to 2.7 thousand km in order to satisfy these requests as fully as possible,” the deputy minister stressed.

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