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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

<P align=center><STRONG> Documents to license Belarusian nuclear station’s second reactor construction under examination</STRONG></P>

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The Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry has started the expert evaluation of the documents required to issue the license to build the second power-generating unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The information was released by Olga Lugovskaya, Head of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department, on 17 December, BelTA has learned. According to the official, the package of documents has been received and has been forwarded to experts. In line with Belarusian laws the procedure to issue the license to build a power-generating unit of a nuclear power plant, in particular, the part regulating the construction of the main buildings and structures, can last up to one year. “Since we have the experience of expert evaluation for the first power-generating unit of the nuclear power plant, the work can be done somewhat faster,” specified Olga Lugovskaya. “We are definitely trying to do everything that can be done to accelerate the license issuance,” she added. Apart from evaluating the documents the regulating body is also examining the licensee (the Nuclear Power Plant Construction Directorate) for compliance with requirements of the license. Construction workers started pouring concrete into the foundation of facilities that will make up the first power-generating unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant at the Ostrovets site in November 2013. The Belarusian nuclear power plant will boast two power-generating units with the total capacity of up to 2,400MW (1,200MW each). The Russian design AES-2006 has been chosen to build the power plant. The design is fully compliant with international standards and IAEA recommendations. The Russian public joint-stock company OAO NIAEP – ZAO Atomstroyexport is the general designer and the general contractor for building the power plant. The timeline for implementing the project is stipulated by the general contract. The first power-engineering unit of the nuclear power plant is scheduled for launch in November 2018. Belarus and Russia signed the general contract to build the Belarusian nuclear power plant in July 2012. The cost of building the installation is primarily covered by a state export loan granted by Russia. In line with the relevant intergovernmental agreement the loan can provide up to $10 billion for 25 years to cover 90% of the cost of every contract between the Russian company ZAO Atomstroyexport and the Belarusian state institution Directorate for Nuclear Power Plant Construction.

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