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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Nuclear power plant to be built in Poland

Written by BelTA

Polish Energy Minister Krzysztof Tkhezewski on Radio Poland reported on preparations for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Pomorie.

“The investment cycle of a nuclear power plant lasts about 10 years, but before that several preparatory work has been going on for several years. We have already done many things. Joint-Stock Company PGE EJ 1 has been established, which is engaged in the preparation, the places in the Pomorye region have already been identified, the public has already been practically prepared for such construction,”the Minister noted.

Krzysztof Tkhezewski stressed that the construction of a nuclear power plant is more expensive than the usual one. At the same time, a nuclear power plant requires less fuel, and it costs less to operate than, for example, a coal-fired power station.

Polish government plans to complete construction of nuclear power plants by 2033.

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